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Know which other team would like to play Neymar

Neymar would like to play in Brazil at some point in his career, and he has a particular prelidection. And it is not Santos, his exequipo, with which he continues to hurt after bringing him to trial. “I really want to play one day in Flamengo, with Maracaná filled up playing the Libertadores,” he confessed in an interview with Canal Esporte Interativo.

Regarding Santos, the Barça player, who renewed with Bará until 2021, said he still has “a huge affection”, but he can not forget what happened since his departure. “The Santos came to justice against me, and I still do not know why, there are many stories that people do not know, just need to say that I wanted to make a goal against when we play against Barcelona in the World Club” , He said, showing the bittersweet flavor left by everything that happened.


Showing his strong personality, Neymar also said he does not feel indebted to Santos. “I have no obligation to congratulate Santos on the day he celebrates his foundation, I do not do what everyone wants.”

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